050909;x ` /unspoken♥
♥Friday, October 16, 2009

- Ahben bdae cake.


- Birthdae Boy ;D

Happy bdae ahben :D

Here are some overdue pictures :D




- Happy Bdae Mars Mother :)

17NOV qnq back sch for qraduation day. i wan take many many photo with my adss friends n MR ANG :D

♥Saturday, October 10, 2009
Hi readers , just finish my n levels. waitinq tis days for very lonq le los.
but i will miss al my friends in adss. its has many memoriies in that sch.
n , i will also miss my form teacher who teach me for 2 yrs.
tks MR ANG :D

-Memoriies pass away just liddat...

♥Tuesday, October 6, 2009
Hi readers ,
i jus have a bad news for u all.
today jus taken my maths paper 1.

SOB , SOB , SOB , SOB , SOB..... x.x , SOB , SOB ,SOB , SOB , SOB ...... x.x

time to qo bed now. niqht all. (:

♥Sunday, October 4, 2009




I just simply LOVE 中秋节 <3

♥Thursday, September 24, 2009
Back to postinq aqain.
today suppose to qo back to sch for 1week to study for N levels.
but in the end overslept. sry uh mr anq ><
tml i will cme back to sch de. i promise.
idw kena ban for not cominq to sch den cnt take exams ><.
hao ba , i qo eat le. byebye.

/` 爱

♥Friday, September 18, 2009
Back to postinq-
Yestrdae suppose to qo sch but ended up i overslept so nvr qo.
den my mum ask me qo chonq panq with her, so i qo with her.
went dere buy many clothes n furniture , n many food at dere LOL.
went home aft tat , went to cck aqn with my mum.
qo courts saw one laptop , which i always wanted to have it,
den my mum brouqht me a laptop for me :D happy LOLLL.
went home aft tat , plae till 12am den slp le.

post til here le. aku qo makan already , bye readers <3

060909-到永远<3 Sky.

♥Tuesday, September 15, 2009
alriqht , shall back to postinq now . aft tis i qo my lalaland already.
todays paper was quite hard de los. spend my 1hr doinq tat cpa paper at com lab.
aft my exams i qo home chanqe n went to cwp meet serene , saw lover n her friend .
den , me n serene went to gombak find tat JOSEPH.
Suppose he should peii us , in the end tio ps -.-. still nbm. ask us run here run thr like idoit liddat.
saw many ppl at thr , settlinq some problems?. but not my problem can already los.
den aft tat tin , went to batok library revisinq my ebs with serene.
at thr keep kena scold by the librarian 3 times le los. zzzz. anqry!
den me n serene went to kfc dere sit n revise our work. den willy came.
keep on disiao me -.-
aft tat rebecca n zoey also cme , follow by botak.
revise till 9.30pm liddat den we qo find joseph -.- talk awhile den went home.

alriqht. shall post till here. aku very tired , wan slp le. byeeeeeeeee! ^^

- Serene & ME

- Serene (Not i take de los , is WILLY take one) ><

That Girl.
J I A T O N G is my name.
17 this year.
Gonna turninq older each yr on 27Jan Currently not studyinq
im Sinqle , .Attached
I am friendly and i don't bite :x
If you dislike me , pls fck off far far uh!
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LOVE ones.
(_ _ _)♥.

Hope my N levels will pass.
New Mp4.
New Handphone
I just want a unforqettable bdae every year ;x

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